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Special Report    Patent and Trademark Policy Protest

C-SPAN video of the recent Washington DC Protest at the US Patent Office 8/11/2017     click on the image below for full coverage



DISCOVERY Investigating Inventor Nikola Tesla's Mysterious Death in New Series CLICK HERE


The 10 biggest product launches of 2017   CLICK HERE


TIME MAGAZINE'S 25 Best Inventions of 2017   CLICK HERE


US Inventor sets patents on fire as part of PTAB protest at USPTO CLICK HERE


Forbes List of the 100 Most Innovative Companies. CLICK HERE


Does The Supreme Court Understand The Innovation Economy? CLICK HERE


Walmart Holds Open Call 2017, 500 Made in USA Companies Compete for Store Shelf Space  CLICK HERE


Virginia Tech  / Inventors of the Month - June 2017  CLICK HERE


A monthly award given out by Virginia Tech for new inventions.



The surprising stories behind clever inventions  / Feb 3, 2016 / Tom Roston    CLICK HERE


A human interest story about how inventions happen to help motivate readers.




The ‘Super Soaker’ Inventor is Now Helping Young Engineers   /  CLICK HERE


A human interest story about the fortutious invention of the super soaker and the good that successful


inventors can do for the world around them.



Patent Reform 2017:

Changes coming from the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive Branches CLICK HERE


Information about some of the current patent issues in front of all three branches of government



Turning dreams into dollars with an ingenious invention   CLICK HERE


Inspirational report about the inventor of the Flip it. This story covers multiple aspects of interest to


inventors and is a practical example of how to succeed through inovation.